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All Kiwi businesses must have employment contracts




Kerri Thomas is an employment relations consultant who deals with issues within the workplace regarding employment law, such as personal grievances.  Kerri is based in Wanganui, but welcomes clients from around New Zealand.  Apart from mediation, most issues or drawing up of contracts can be handled by phone or e-mail.

 "Whether hired by the employer, or the employee, I will do my best for the client and will not hesitate to say if they have the wrong understanding of employment law.  In my opinion, correct information enables better decisions to be made about how to proceed with a employment issue.

 Written employment contracts have been required by law since July 2011.  Properly drawn up, they are a powerful tool in avoiding misunderstandings that can lead to breakdowns in working relationships. Further to that, a good contract contains signposts for both parties to follow if something goes wrong between them. A Code of Conduct is strongly recommended with every contract so that future employees know from the outset what constitutes bad and unacceptable behaviour, and what will happen if there is a breach.  However, if a disciplinary issue does arise, it can be managed by good communication.  Verbal warnings followed by a well written letter or memo are additional tools in keeping a workplace running smoothly.  I am experienced in dealing with all facets of the working relationship, from the pre-employment offer of a contract to conducting a termination that adheres to the provisions of the Employment Relations Act 2000". 

 The services Kerri offers are:

  • mediation
  • writing or updating employment contracts
  • advising on employment law
  • dispute resolution
  • writing of staff letters or memos
  • commencing the disciplinary process
  • advising on personal grievance claims

 Available all business hours, plus Saturday mornings.  A mileage rate applies if the client is out of town.  However, with the exception of mediation, most issues can be dealt with by phone and e-mail.

 “I see law in terms of relationships rather than an abstract thing”.

Please see the Q & A page for my rates and qualifications

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