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  • Do you know that, since July 2011, all employees must have written contracts?  If you don’t have one, your employer is breaking the law. 
  • Do you know that, even if you are in a trial period, you still should receive notice that your contract won’t be renewed?  You cannot be told that you no longer have a job as of the next day. 
  • Do you know there is no such thing as instant dismissal any more?  The Employment Court has ruled in several cases that, even when an employer alleges serious misconduct, he or she still has to conduct a full and fair investigation. An employee may be suspended while that investigation is carried out, but cannot be dismissed beforehand.  An employee is also entitled to be given the opportunity to put his/her side of the story before the employer makes a decision to terminate the employment without a period of notice. 
  • Do you know that any sexual banter in the workplace is illegal under the Employment Relations Act 2000?  It does not have to be tolerated. 
  • Do you want payslips but your employer won’t give you one? 

If any of these situations, or some other issue, is happening to you, please feel free to contact Kerri, and we will talk it over.

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